As reported earlier by Kongbakpao, NetEase's upcoming Marvel MOBA, Marvel Super War has received a release date for certain territories. It will be available for iOS and Android on 19th December in Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and India.

This news follows a recent second beta test in these regions that started on 21st November. With the full launch in these territories growing closer, it probably be won't be too long before the game sees a release in the rest of the world. It's Marvel, after all, people will want to play it.

The game itself, if you're unfamiliar, is a 5v5 MOBA that features an extensive roster of Marvel's best heroes and villains. You'll have the characters you'll know from the MCU like Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow alongside a few lesser-known heroes who folks that only watch the films may not be familiar with.

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They've released a 12-minute video, which you can watch above, that details the entire roster so give that a watch if you want to see if your favourite heroes are included or omitted. You can also get a glimpse at some of the alternative skins that will be available that will most likely form part of the IAP model.

Marvel Super War's gameplay looks very typical of MOBAs, going as far as having the same map layout as League of Legends. There'll be three lanes that you'll have to constantly push so that you can knock down your opponent's towers until you reach their base using various abilities alongside standard attacks.

Marvel Super War will be available on 19th December on the App Store and Google Play for those living in Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and India. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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