Behaviour Interactive and Beijing Gaea Interactive have teamed up to make Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, an RPG based on the hit TV show. It has moved into a beta stage as of today that's available on Android for those living in the Philippines.

Beyond the Wall is set decades before the HBO series that everyone loved until the last season divided opinion. You'll take command of the Night's Watch and defend Westeros whilst learning more about what lies past the wall as well as the Three-Eyed Raven.

To do this you'll have to assemble a squad to fight against your various enemies. This will seemingly be through gacha style mechanics where you'll recruit different heroes to join your team. Aside from the original story, there will also be PVP modes available so you can test out your skills online.

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The gameplay itself will be squad-based battles that take place on a grid. So you'll have to choose a good mix of troops to ensure that you'll be prepared to deploy different tactics when needed. There'll also be special abilities you'll be able to use as well to turn the tide of battle including the rush of the Stormlands Brute and the dragon fire of Dracarys.

In terms of minimum requirements, it doesn't appear that this will be a particularly demanding game. If you're an Android user your device will need to have a minimum of 3GB of RAM and Android 4.3 or later. Whereas on iOS there is no minimum software requirement though you will need 2GB of RAM.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall will be available on both the App Store and Google Play at some stage in the future. If you do live in the Philippines you'll be able to join the beta and play now. You can register over on the game's official site if you'd like to be notified when the game is available in other territories. 

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