If you're like me, you've probably at some point wondered just how popular your favourite mobile games are. Google Play offers a rough estimate of download numbers, but it can be tricky to compare games unless you're willing to in the effort.

Now, however, the team over at The Tool has released a handy infographic which gives us a far clearer picture of download numbers and which games come out on top. There are few surprises here, all told, but it's nevertheless interesting to see hugely popular games that you'd totally expect to be on here not even crack the top 25.

So here are the most downloaded games on Google Play of all time. Oh, and this info is accurate as of November 7th.

Most of these games are, at this point, fairly old, so it makes sense that they've totalled up more downloads over time than the recent crop of, say, battle royales or auto battlers. That said, it's something of a surprise to see Garena Free Fire already at number 13. It just speaks to that game's immense popularity in Southeast Asia and Brazil.

The only studios to have more than one game in the top 25 are King, Outfit 7, Imangi Studios, and Supercell. No surprises there, then. Are there any games you expected to be here that aren't? Any games you've never heard of that are among the top 25? Let us know!