Helsinki is the spiritual home of mobile gaming, with the Finnish capital being the source of Angry Birds, Clash Of Clans and dozens of other games you know and love. As we celebrate the success of this month’s Pocket Gamer Connects event, the sixth time we've held a developer conference in the city, it’s time to reflect on the latest Pocket Jam game jam. Pocket Jam 4, organised by the Finnish Game Jam folk, was a highlight of the conference.

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki took place in the Cable Factory for the first time (the historic home of Nokia) and we put aside a dedicated basement area for the 45 game jammers. Their theme? “Organic.” Allotted time? The crew divided into 10 teams and worked for 28 hours, from the first day of the event through to the judging session on the afternoon of day two. Pocket Gamer’s Chris James, Dave Bradley and Russell Murray were our judges. You can read more about the process at the official Finnish Game Jam site.

The judges decreed the winners to be:
1st place - Mochabot Organic
2nd place - Zurban
Joint 3rd place - Gate of Glory + Connecticutiez
Honourable mention - Circular

Well done to everybody who entered. There’s more about all the games in the competition at the page. The three top teams win tickets to a PGC of their choice, with Mochabot Organic winning a developer expo table should they complete the game.