Drool LLC's rhythm-based hit Thumper has recently received a number of updates that might make it a more interesting proposition for folks who purchased the game and found themselves disappointed. A recent update means that it will now support gamepads.

We quite liked Thumper's Pocket Edition when it released last year but admitted that it'll probably divide people's opinion. In terms of controls, it has certainly done that with a lot of user reviews stating that the swipes simply weren't registering while others felt that it didn't suit the game's fast-paced nature.

If you found yourself in one of those camps and happen to have a PS4, Xbox One or MFi controller available to you then the latest update for both Android and iOS has you covered – though for iOS you will need a device compatible with the 13.0 or later according to the patch notes. So if you bought Thumper at the time and haven't played it because the controls didn't agree with you, it might be worth giving it shot.

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Additionally, earlier in this year in August the game received an update to allow supported devices to enable 120 frames per second gameplay. So if you have an iPad Pro you'll be able to enjoy all the psychedelic goodness Thumper has to offer at an even smoother framerate.

Thumper was originally a VR game where you play a space beetle and make your way through various high adrenaline levels with amazing music blasting in your ears. It's a rhythm-based game that can definitely get infuriating but it's still excellent. It came to mobile last year where it's mostly been well-received.

Thumper is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that costs £4.99 and £4.59 on iOS and Android respectively.

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