Edit: Store pages are now live and links to each game have been added. Original story continues below.

Doom I, Doom II, and Doom III will all launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop as early as today, with I & II also set for a global launch on iOS and Android.

This announcement was presumably supposed to come at the end of today’s QuakeCon, though the store pages for all three games were leaked ahead of time over on the Nintendo UK eShop. The listings were originally spotted by Nintendo Life earlier today, though they’ve since been taken down.

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Doom I includes Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed expansion, which adds nine extra levels, and Doom II comes with the Master Levels add-on. Both games include four-player co-op and deathmatch modes. Doom III, everyone’s favourite game in the series, comes bundled with The Lost Missions and Resurrection of Evil expansions, so they all seem to be fairly definite versions.

In terms of pricing, Doom I and Doom II both come in at £3.99, while Doom III will set you back £7.99. There’s no news yet on whether or not you can buy them all as a bundle for a reduced price. Doom I & Doom II will also now be available globally for Android and iOS devices. Much like the Switch versions, as reported by Touch Arcade, they’ll be priced at £3.99 each.

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The announcement (or leak) comes as very welcome news indeed, considering all three games are undeniable FPS classics (yes, even Doom III). The Doom Eternal keynote at this year’s QuakeCon, which is when the announcement was likely supposed to happen, will take place later today. It’s highly likely that the games will return to the eShop before the day is through.

In other Doom-related news, Doom Eternal is still on track for a November 22nd launch for Switch, and, as expected, it looks incredible. Check it out in the gameplay trailers above. 

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