Yoshi's upcoming Switch game, Yoshi's Crafted World, has been given something of a quiet shuffling around by Nintendo. Originally announced simply as "Yoshi" before being seemingly delayed several times, it wasn't even given a name until late last year.

Thankfully, we now know when the game will actually launch. You'll be able to grab Yoshi's Crafted World exclusively on Switch from March 29th, which really isn't that far away. Get hyped, Yoshi fans.

The new game is set in a cardboard-themed world, with the main mechanic being that Yoshi can switch between the normal level and running around behind the level at will. This opens up plenty of opportunities for solving puzzles and completing additional challenges for sweet, sweet collectibles.

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Beyond that, it looks like typical Yoshi fare - eat enemies, poop out eggs, throw eggs at enemies, and so on. There's even co-op play available, so you and a friend can dive in together and scream "YOSHI!" at each other in your best impersonation of Nintendo's weird dinosaur-thing.

Look, is it just me, or has this game been kind of brushed under the carpet by Nintendo? This release date hasn't been accompanied by a Direct or anything, just a press release falling into my inbox this morning. It took ages for it to be given a name, and it's clearly suffered a few delays in development. Does that mean Nintendo isn't too keen on its release?

Only time will tell whether Yoshi's Crafted World will be Nintendo's first self-published slip-up on its Switch console. Keep your eyes peeled for our review around March 29th, which is also when you can buy it.

What do you think, in the meantime? Excited to get your hands on Yoshi's latest adventure? Think Nintendo is hiding some kind of global conspiracy? Let us know in the comments.