Nintendo's Switch has really come into its own in 2018. With the likes of Pokemon: Let's Go, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Mario Tennis Aces, Octopath Traveller... the list goes on, but it's been a pretty stellar year for games.

On top of that, you've also got the NES Online Collection, a tidy selection of retro games which act as a nice incentive for grabbing the Switch Online subscription - which is also surprisingly cheap, it must be said.

But 2019 will be the year that Nintendo really has to prove itself. With the initial excitement dying down, and most of the major franchises having already received new entries, this coming year will see the big N having to find new ways to encourage players onto the platform, and digging a little deeper to find franchises people want to play.

On top of that, indies and third-party developers will also have a better understanding of how the system works, and what the audience is like, so they'll have a better idea of what games they can easily launch on Switch alongside other consoles.

This is all to say - 2019 could be very exciting indeed. So here's five games we know for a fact are going to be launching on Switch, and we can't bloody wait for them.