Each month we examine some of the best and most interesting portable gaming gear on the market.

It's true that we're all about the games here on PG. But in order to play those games you need to splash the cash on hardware.

That's why we bring you regular recommendations on the best gaming smartphones at various budget. We'll always review any new handheld consoles as they appear, too

But what about the other portion of the portable gaming hardware business? Those accessories and gadgets that enhance your experience? We're talking about the cases, controllers, screen protectors, stands, styluses, and the like.

That's what this piece is all about. If you're after a cool new accessory for your iOS or Android device, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, or even Vita, watch this space for some ideas.

Apple iPhone XS Max Leather Case (£55)

An awful lot of people will be getting to grips with Apple's new super-sized iPhone XS Max at the moment. It's a slippery, heavy piece of kit, and darned expensive too.

Basically what I'm trying to say here is, you need to buy a case. There aren't an awful lot of options out there at the moment, given how new the phone is, but you can always rely on Apple's own Leather Case.

They're impeccably made, tight-fitting, and surprisingly robust. They also don't weigh much compared to your average third party alternative.

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ButterFox Switch Carry Case (£7.99)

If you're finally getting around to buying a Nintendo Switch (what took you so long?), then you're probably in the market for a carry case. You're not? OK. You really should be in the market for a carry case.

The Switch's whole schtick is that it's a proper console that you can take out with you. But the thing is, it's nowhere near as robust or portable as a 3DS - or even a Vita. You need a solid case.

I've been really happy with the official Hori-made carry case for my own Switch. But this ButterFox example adds extra holders, including a full compartment for stashing extra Joy-Cons and cables. It's cheap, too.

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SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth headphones (£65)

Nintendo might have finally launched its paid online service for Switch, but the seemingly simple process of chatting to other players remains a baffling experience.

Nintendo's default in-game chat set-up is a wirey mess.

The Arctis 3 Bluetooth headphones clean things up significantly by simultaneously hooking up to your phone and the Nintendo Switch console.

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Google Chromecast 3rd gen (£30)

Google has just released the third generation of its Chromecast TV dongle, and it remains a reassuringly no-nonsense streaming device.
There's no flabby TV UI to get to grips with here. Everything is done from your smartphone through the Google Home app.

This latest model gets a new design, a 15% speed boost, support for streaming 60fps video at 1080p rather than 720p, and support for multi-room audio (which will be added later).

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Anker Premium 5-Port charger (£36)

We've already mentioned that the Switch's killer feature is the ability to lug it around. But keeping it charged on long journeys can be a challenge.

The Anker Premium 5-Port charger is one of the better solutions we've found. It can juice the console up extremely quickly, and it also has the capacity to charge a Pro Controller simultaneously, not to mention a smartphone or two.

It's not the most portable travel charger we've ever seen, but it's one of the most functional. Rather like the Switch itself, in fact.

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