Folks looking for an infiltration sim that will have you performing intricate heists have much to look forward to in the coming weeks--The Swindle arrives on Nintendo Switch next month.

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The Swindle is a procedurally generated platformer that looks to recreate epic criminal heists a la Oceans 11. You’ll creep through each level, dodging guards and hacking security cameras, although your techniques will grow increasingly over the top the further you progress, brainwashing security guards and destroying entire buildings. You’ll also be able to kit your character out with gadgets and skills to help you succeed in your life of crime.

It’s an entertaining concept, and the artwork sure is pretty. We gave it a Gold Award for the PlayStation Vita port of the game, dubbing it a “charming caper simulator.”

The Swindle will be available on Nintendo Switch on October 11 for £14.99.