Watch Talisman: Digital Edition | Official Asmodee Digital Stream from asmodeedigital on www.twitch.tvIt's fine, we know you're busy. Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to do all of the things that you want to do. Maybe you wanted to check out our Talisman: Digital Edition stream last night, but something got in the way.

These things happen. Also it's embedded just above this paragraph, so in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter at all.

If you watch it right now, you're going to find out whether James ever managed to get the crown of command, and whether or not he got chased around the board by a Mage apprentice with the golden touch. There are also a lot of deadly ghosts.

Click this link here you'll be able to see an archive of all the streams we've been up to recently. And make sure you come back next Tuesday, when we're going to be streaming the awesome Kings and Assassins.

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