Well what an Isle of Skye stream that was. There were Scottish people, big barrels of whisky, and James Gilmour actually managed to win a game. Which, if you've been following all of our streams, is something of a turn up for the books.

Don't worry if you missed all of the fun, like the last-gasp resurrection of a low AI character who could have taken all of the plaudits were it not for some late-game trickery, because you can catch up on it all in the video embedded at the top of the page.

And if that's tickled your fancy, make sure you tickle this link to watch all of the other stream recordings. We're building up a good catalogue now, each and every one of them a beautiful gem of board game joy and bearded-man confusion.

We will, of course, be back next Tuesday streaming another board game, so make sure you keep your eye on TableTap to keep up to date.

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