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It might be the end of the week, but that doesn't mean we're slowing down any with our extreme streaming content plans. We thought we'd let you know nice and early that next week, on Tuesday to be precise, we're going to be streaming Isle of Skye.

What's Isle of Skye? Well it's the lastest game from Asmodee Digital, and it's all about bartering, building, and working your way to become the chief of the titular isle.
It's got lots of "Scottish" people in it, which I'm sure native Scot James Gilmour, your host for the stream, is going to love.

If you want more info, click right here and you can read our review of the really rather wonderful mobile version of the game.

We'll be live at 5pm GMT time over on the Asmodee Twitch channel, the link to which you can find right here.

Click it now and you can catch up on all of the streams from the previous weeks. See James attacked by a giant fly. See him fail miserably to build a rail network across the UK. Watch him play Scythe. It's all there and it's all goooooood.

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