I know, you're probably sick of us chatting about Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal, but it's a great game so we'll continue raving about it. Especially since it's just released on the App Store and Google Play for £4.99/$4.99 or cheaper.

Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal is a fantastical RPG where you'll rise through the ranks, from novice adventurer to fully fledged saviour of the world, and play through your own adventure.

The game includes three classic gamebooks by Ian Livingstone: Death Trap Dungeon, Trial of Champions, and Armies of Death. Throughout each you'll need to power up your skills, roll dice, make tricky decisions, and keep an eye out for even more adventures in the future.

In fact, we were so excited to play this game that we streamed it yesterday. Video wizard, James Gilmour, sat down with PC Gamer's Jonathan Bolding and started things off on Twitch so be sure to give that a watch if you're uncertain about buying the game.

You can also catch a bunch of our other streams right here.

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