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Thunderbox Entertainment has updated two of its digital board games with some colourful new content. Plus the pair of them are going on sale this weekend to celebrate International Tabletop Day.

Roll For It, a simple game of rolling dice is getting a couple of new sets of dice, including one that looks like fuzzy monster, and one that looks like cosmic cubes. The new update also includes high contrast dice, and a couple of tweaks to the mechanics, like an Undo button.

Tsuro: Game of the Path has been updated with rainbow stones based on an exclusive set that came out in the real world at the end of last year.

You'll be able to pick both games up for half price from April 27th to 30th in order to celebrate the weekend of International Tabletop Day. And a new bundle for iOS users will let them save even more.

On top of that, a portion of the sales from that weekend will go to Charity: Water, the good cause that International Tabletop Day is raising money for this year.
You can grab Tsuro for iOS by clicking here or from the Google Play Store by clicking here. If you want Roll For It, click here to get it from the App Store, or here to pick up the Android version.