Between August and September we first learnt that Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition was a thing and saw what it was offering. Now, thanks to its latest trailer, we could be seeing the end of the line soon.

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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is chibi-style episodic adventure game which focuses solely on the story of FFXV, bypassing the side quests. By using touch controls and all of the main characters you've come to know, it really does look like a pocket-sized version of the console/PC game.

The 30-second trailer reintroduces the art style and mechanics, pointing out the similarities between the game versions. We also get a quick look at how the combat will work with your usual array on on-screen buttons, health bars, and special attacks.

There's still no concrete date as to when the game'll be coming to iOS and Android but given the video's description, and the speculation that it could be arriving as soon as this week, I guess we'll just have to stay vigilant.