Updated November 6th, 4:31 PM - We still don't know the exact date of this newest update, but we know it'll be coming sometime this week.

Keep your eyes peeled. You'll have more content to play through by the weekend, but we'll let you know when it drops.

It's been a while since Iron Marines finally launched in the mobile world, but that doesn't mean Ironhide Games has been sleeping. With a big content update in progress there's a smaller, more bite-size update launching soon, and it sounds pretty interesting.

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While the biggest content update is simmering away, the upcoming update will present a different type of Spec OP. It's not a completely different stage, but more like a mini mission with two stages a piece. This'll act as a bit of a tester to see whether you guys are into the mini missions and whether you'd like to see more of them. Ideally these would build on the story and help develop both of these (mostly spoiler-free) stories:

  • Sagan-1
    • In the two first stages you'll find out some interesting stuff about the Fell. What would happen if the Fell Tyrant were to find out?
  • Ascendaar
    • Also presented in two stages, Ascendaar tells us about an unknown place where the paranoid Rob070 backed up all his knowledge. After you find out Rob070's biggest secret you'll have to free an unexpected prisoner.

There will also be two new premium heroes: the heroine Guiying, a warrior trained at a temple dedicated to protecting an ancient relic, and Trabuco, a blue alien soldier who's seen hundreds of battles across the galaxy.

We're not yet sure when exactly the update will arrive, but we'll keep you posted as always.

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