Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a great game, and one of the least money-grabby ones when it comes to games you can find on iOS and Android, which means if you play things right, you’ll never have to invest a penny.

But that precious premium currency is definitely helpful, so we’ll tell you how you can earn it in-game without spending your hard earned cash, and what’s the best use cases for it.

Just follow our advice below and you’ll never have to invest a penny of your own cash.

What are Leaf Tickets?

Leaf Tickets are the premium currency in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and you can basically use them to expedite almost everything in game.

Speeding up timers, regrowing fruit, getting bulk amounts of fish or insects, it’s all possible with Leaf Tickets.

Even entering Shovelstrike Quarry without friends, though you might want to hold off on spending them on these things.

Getting Leaf Tickets

You can get Leaf Tickets by levelling up your character - 10 each time - or fulfilling Stretch Goals, where you can earn a fairly high amount in a short amount of time.

You might want to hold off on fulfilling all of the Stretch Goals for Leaf Tickets, in case you need some for a later event.

Other than that, of course, you can buy them with in-app purchases, but that’s not what we recommend…

First thing to spend Leaf Tickets on

If there’s a good use for Leaf Tickets, it’s Cyrus’ extra crafting space. Initially, you’ll only be able to craft one amenity and one piece of furniture at a time, but you can open up two more spaces, costing 80 Leaf Tickets each.

It sounds like a high price, 160 Leaf Tickets total, especially since on the shop 20 tickets sells for 99p/99c. Yikes.

But with levelling up and your Stretch Goals, 160 Leaf Tickets is easily achievable, just avoid Shovelstrike Quarry and those tempting fishing nets.

How to spend Leaf Tickets

Once you’ve upgraded Cyrus’ work station, you should slowly start saving up your Leaf Tickets, for you’ll want to make sure you have plenty for when they become important.

For example, while speeding up timers is something you should wholeheartedly avoid, sometimes you might need Leaf Tickets to replace some missing materials you need for crafting.

Of course you can get crafting materials from playing the game, but later on you’ll see massive amounts of materials required for fairly simple amenities or items of furniture. Definitely one to save for.

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