In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you’ll spend a fair amount of time in menus figuring out which pieces of furniture you want to craft, and which tent will best fit your camp’s aesthetic.

There’s some special amenities available if you level up your chosen tent, and your relationships with animals can only go so far if you don’t build the tents they like.

Heed our advice below, and soon your campsite will be the most popular among all of the anthropomorphic creatures of the forest.

Materials and money

The first two things you’ll need to order anything from Cyrus will be materials and the money to put them all together.

You can gather materials by doing requests and Shovelstrike Quarry - cash will come in the same way - although if you’re short on materials you can use Leaf Tickets.

Early furniture will be easy to craft with affordable materials required, but later on you’ll need huge amounts of wood or steel to progress, so stock up now.

A matter of time

Of course, another thing is the time for Cyrus to put these things together, and just like before, this will only get worse as you go.

Early pieces of furniture will require a few minutes each to put together, but later pieces will require hours upon hours - nightmare!

We recommend spending the early Leaf Tickets you get from Goals and levelling up on the two extra crafting spaces that Cyrus has available.

Special requirements

Certain pieces of furniture will actually require you to already have a piece of furniture to use as a material. As an example, the Lovely Pink Chair.

The Lovely Chair is easy enough to craft, and can be used as a material to create the Lovely Pink version.

These are quite rare, but we’re sure you’ll see more furniture that requires special materials as the game goes on and future updates are added.


Amenities refers to the types of tents you can craft in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, the Natural, Sporty, Cool and Cute tents. Each relates to a personality type of the animals in game, and basically, you’ll need to craft all of them.

You only have space for two amenities in your camp, but you’ll need to craft these to be able to level your relationships with your animals past level 7, otherwise they’ll never go up, and you’ll never raise your own level.

Stock up on plenty of Cotton to put these together…

Special amenities

Once you’ve gotten a type of tent to level 3, you’ll be able to craft a special amenity relating to that personality type.

The Natural series provides a Picnic Area, for example, while getting the Cool Tent to level 3 allows you to create the Halfpipe. Yes, a literal halfpipe that animals can skate on. Amazing.

The special amenities are well worth having in your campsite, so pick the one you like most and work towards it.

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