My, my, another week has flown by so fast and it's Sunday again, dear friends.

With a bit of mixed week in weather and news, it's been an odd one - but that won't ever stop the Hot Five train from rolling. Let's take a look at the past seven days.

Motorsport Manager 2 revs out

Possibly the most popular story of the week, Motorsport Manager 2 made a sneaky appearance on the App Store this week, and you guys have been absolutely bananas for it. Having only dropped yesterday, the game's already managed to get 121 ratings and maintain a five-star figure. That's pretty darn impressive.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War's soft launch

It is as it says - Shadow of War soft launched on iOS in the Philippines this week, and so far people seem to warming up to it. Probably warming up the market before its console counterpart's release, SoW offers up a strategic battler in which you can collect and upgrade iconic LoTR figures. Plus, kill Orcs and stuff.

The Ninty Switch gets a bit more stock

It feels like forever since I got to post about Switch stock, but yesterday we saw a small trickle of Switch stock arrive in Argos (UK) with more on the way in mid-July. Sadly our American friends will have to fork out a little more for their Switches as GameStop's offering them up bundle-only, and these'll cost you well over $400 a pop.

Treasure Hunter's slashed its price

As reported by our new board game master, Harry, Treasure Hunter dropped in price this week. Having been made by the same chap that brought us Magic: The Gathering, you can probably tell what sort of card game it'll be. Better still, it's the cheapest it's ever been at 99p/99c. I say.

Virtua Tennis Challenge serves onto iOS...again

Anyone could've guessed that this would be SEGA's next Sega Forever release given that Wimbledon is on the rear-end of its season. Originally £4.99/$4.99, the game is now free to play as part of SEGA's latest scheme. Of course, there're still adverts which you can pay £1.99 to get rid of, but hey.

That's it for another week, but don't be too upset. Before you know it, it'll be Sunday again and you'll be right back here with me.... Or not, y'know, I'm not being forceful or anything.

And just because I feel like it, here's an awful joke to make your Sunday better or worse: "If you ever get cold, just stand in a corner. I hear they're about 90 degrees."