Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again - and by darkness, I mean you marvellous bunch of lovely readers. I hope you've had a grand old week.

Alas, another seven days has gone by. If we'd watched the video from The Ring we'd probably be sweating by now, but thankfully it's just time for another Hot Five.

The Legend of Zelda: BOTW's countdown

For the five days following up to the DLC Pack 1's release, Ninty's had five different creatives chat about certain parts of the expansion, from Majora's Mask to Phantom Armour. Of course, by now the DLC's live on the Nintendo eShop and I've no doubt raged a few dozen times while failing at Trial of the Sword (at the time of this article's conception I've only failed once), so good luck partakers.

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King's Legend of Solgard soft launches on Android

This one snuck out of nowhere this week as Legend of Solgard popped up on Google Play. The tactical turn-based RPG puts an interesting spin on the match-three genre, twinning it with combat elements. Long story short: match stuff, beat the bad guys, save your home.

Brawl Stars gets another balance

The soft launch rages into its second week in the Canadian App Store, but Brawl Stars is showing no sign of slowing down as it received its second balancing update. This time around five characters are getting tweaked, and the game is getting new maps, Coin Boosts, and more.

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Animal Crossing is still coming to mobile

In an interview with VICE Waypoint, President of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime made it very clear that a mobile take on Animal Crossing is still in the works and continues its development 'strongly'. While originally set for release in late 2016, we're now looking at late 2017 before we see it on the market.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow drops early

With the original creators and writers of Futurama on board for the project it's hardly surprising that this newsbit made it to this week's Hot Five. I, myself, am a huge Futurama fan and am interested, and slightly hesitant, to see how the free to play game fares and whether it's well balanced. Obviously by now it's also out on iOS, so feel free to give it a whirl.

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That's all for this week, folks. We've had an interesting mix of newsbits to get our teeth into, from OXENFREE's Android arrival to Fighting Fantasy Legends' latest trailer.

Still, there's not long to go until we see each other again so keep hydrated, eat your fruit and veg, game an unhealthy amount, and meet me right back here.