The House of Da Vinci is a gorgeous new first person puzzler that just launched on mobile. If you think it bears a resemblance to The Room, that's because it does.

You play as Da Vinci's apprentice who is looking for the missing inventor in his workshop. That involves solving a bunch of puzzles, escaping from rooms, and piecing together what happened.

We asked the App Army what they made of it, and how it compares to The Room. Here's what they had to say.

Ed Davis

This game reminds me a lot of The Room. The puzzles have the same kind of feel to them but they can be a bit fiddly at times. I found that the gestures aren't always intuitive.

There's a lot of clicking on different objects but that seems to be the nature of these games. The graphics are excellent and the sounds compliment it nicely.

Challenging puzzles lure you into the game where you know that each individual clue you find will all come together.

Glenn Goldberg

Are you a fan of The Room? If so, this will be right up your alley. There's a decent story and good puzzles - though some of them are a bit obtuse.

The controls are a bit sensitive at times but it doesn't interfere too much. Great graphics and sound add to the atmosphere.

You definitely feel like Einstein when it all comes together in that "a-ha" moment.

Tom-Donna Clark

So far I'm really enjoying this. Great graphics, the tutorial helps you get started.

The puzzles were well laid out and not too difficult, the storyline was pretty engaging. Great job on this. If you like adventure games I highly recommend this.

Jc Ga

This is very elegant. The graphics are beautiful, the music is nice, and the renaissance setting is very immersive.
I spent nearly five hours finishing the story, and really enjoyed it.

Paul Manchester

Are you a fan of The Room? Then take a look at its poor relative. The controls are annoying, the puzzles tedious, and it lacks the atmosphere of its forefather.

Add to that the wholesale rip off of the gameplay and puzzles and it leaves a bad taste for me.

If you want to play something like The Room, play the original and not this.

Quincy Jones

This didn't do it for me at all. I was annoyed early on by the sensitive controls and the puzzles themselves were not that exciting or clever enough for me to care.
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