Incidence is a billardsvania game about bouncing balls into holes, and it's out right now on iOS.

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This minimal and utterly striking puzzler is an interesting mix of billiards, putt-putt golf, and precision platforming. The aim of the game is quite simple: get your ball in the hole. The catch here is that you've got to do it in four shots and as you'll see from the trailer some of the levels are pretty darn tricky.

No, you can't just whack it and hope for the best. You may have four shots but each shot can only bounce six times, so there's some real calculations to make to succeed in this quirky game.

With hundreds of levels to beat you'll see an increased difficulty, more tiles, and more obstacles to get around - ranging from blocks to break, to portals.

Grab Incidence on the App Store now for £1.99/$1.99.