Anyone seeking to whet their Where’s Wally appetite will want to keep a close eye on Hidden Folks, a new interactive puzzler that’s available to download now on iOS, Apple TV, and Steam.

The collective brainchild of game designer Adriaan de Jongh and illustrator Sylvain Tegroeg, Hidden Folks is a homage to the hide and seek puzzle games of old, boasting over 15 unique areas all drawn by hand to explore, prod, and poke around in. Cut trees, open doors, disturb crocodiles, and cause as much havoc as possible to find your target – there are 120 of them after all.

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Whether in sepia, black and white, or the game’s night time colour mode, you’ll need to maintain a watchful eye if you hope to succeed in hunting down each critter. A simple tap of the screen ensures you’re never stuck for too long when searching - prompting the game’s handy hint system if ever you find yourself caught between a pencilled-in rock and a doodled-down hard place.

Hidden Folks also seeks to impress with the ear as much as the eye too, with over 950 quirky sound-effects that all originate from the creator’s mouths themselves.

The cartoon creativity of Hidden Folks is free to explore and try out from today for all iOS, Apple TV, and Steam users, with a later date for Android users expected to be announced soon.

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