Updated on November 25th, at 11:00AM: New deals added on a couple of 3DS games from ShopTo.

It's that time of year again where everyone goes a bit crazy on the internet. Sorry, crazier.

Black Friday is the name that's been given to the day after Thanksgiving in the US. Ever since the 1930s it's been seen as the day that the Christmas shopping season starts, and so it's accompanied by sweeping deals and price cuts across the retail board.

We don't do Thanksgiving here in the UK, but in recent years we've embraced Black Friday wholeheartedly. After all, while we may be ungrateful blighters, but we do love a bargain.

What with PG being a portable gaming website and all, we thought we'd make it our duty to round up some top gaming and hardware deals for Black Friday 2016. We'll also be updating and expanding these deals on Black Friday itself so you're all up to date with the best deals. We're nice like that.

First up, let's take a look at some of the best gaming deals available this Black Friday week.

iOS game deals

There's loads to get your teeth into on iOS this Black Friday, whether it’s catching up on the epic Infinity Blade series, taking one of the best twin-stick shooters ever for a spin, or buying a classic tactical RPG.

You can also get one of the best tower defence games ever made for a knock-down price, and a graphically lush racer to show off your new iPhone.

  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved for £2.29/$2.99 (was £7.99/$9.99) - buy
  • Final Fantasy Tactics for £2.99/$3.99 (was £10.49/$13.99) - buy
  • Infinity Blade series for 79p/99c each (was £4.49/$5.99 to £4.99/$6.99) - buy
  • OrangePixel games (Heroes of Loot 2, Space Grunts, Gunslugs 2 etc.) for 79p/99c each - buy
  • Lumines Puzzle & Music for 79p/99c (was £2.29/$2.99) - buy
  • Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition for £1.49/$1.99 (was £3.99/$4.99) - buy
  • Limbo for 79p/99c (was £1.49/$1.99) - buy
  • Kingdom Rush Origins HD for 79p/99c (was £3.99/$4.99) - buy
  • Riptide GP: Renegade for 79p/99c (was £2.29/$2.99) - buy
Android game deals

Google is giving its Black Friday deals week on the Google Play Store a name: Cyber Week - clearly a reference to Cyber Monday, the web-focused deal day that has followed Black Friday in recent years.

There are some great deals in there, too, with some stone-cold classics available for 50p. Beat that, iOS.

  • Don't Starve: Pocket Edition for £2.89/$2.99 (40% off) - buy
  • The Room Three for 50p/99c (80% off) - buy
  • Out There Omega Edition for 79p/99c (81% off) - buy
  • Limbo for 50p/99c (80% off) - buy
  • Lego Jurassic World for 50p/99c (80% off) - buy
  • Monument Valley for 50p/99c (85% off) - buy
  • Hitman: Sniper for 50p (80% off) - buy
  • Final Fantasy Tactics for £3.69/$3.99 (70% off) - buy
  • Never Alone for 50p/99c (80% off) - buy
  • Pumped BMX 3 for 50p (80% off) - buy
  • Goat Simulator for 79p/99c (80% off) - buy
  • Knights of the Old Republic for £2.89/$2.99 (70% off) - buy
  • This War of Mine for £2.99/$2.99 (80% off) - buy
  • Modern Combat 4 for 50p/99c (85% off) - buy
  • Rayman Fiesta Run for 50p/99c (67% off) - buy
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted for 50p/99c (80% off) - buy
  • Lifeline: Crisis Line for 50p/99c (66% off) - buy
Handheld game deals

We're a little disappointed in the 3DS deals so far this year. You'd think that Nintendo and other retailers would be tripping over themselves to clear the stock with the Switch around the corner, but that hasn’t really proved to be the case - yet. Expect more on the great day itself.

Over on the PS Store, however, there's a hefty Black Friday sale on Vita games. Good on you, Sony! WE love your little console, even if hardly anyone else does.

  • Yo-Kai Watch bundle with Medal and Jibanyan Case Pack for £35.99 (32% off) - buy from Nintendo
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo, Isabelle amiibo, NFC Reader/Writer bundle for £44.99 (30% off) - buy from Nintendo
  • Pokemon Sun & Moon for £25 if you sign up to Amazon Prime and use NOWFIVE code at checkout (normally £32) - buy from Amazon
  • Mario Tennis Open for £9.85 (34% off) - buy from ShopTo
  • Metroid Prime Federation Force for £14.85 (£20 off) - buy from ShopTo
PS Vita:
  • The Jak and Daxter Trilogy for £6.49 (was £15.99) - buy
  • The Ratchet and Clank Trilogy for £5.49 (was £19.99) - buy
  • Sly Trilogy for £6.49 (was £19.99) - buy
  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens for £12.49 on PS+ (was £34.99) - buy
  • God of War Collection for £6.49 (was £19.99) - buy
  • Grand Theft Auto Collection for £10.99 (was £28.99) - buy
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted for £3.99 (was £44.99) - buy
  • Killzone Mercenary for £6.49 (was £14.99) - buy