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I quite liked Eisenhorn: Xenos. I mean it was very much a console game squished on to a phone, but for the most part it worked.

And if you've been languishing in the Android wastelands wanting to have a play, you're in luck, because it's hitting the Google Play Store later this month.

The game is an actiony third person adventure set in Games Workshop's grim dark far future where everything is gothic, everyone is sad, and the entire universe literally wants to kill you. It's also based on some books, so that's pretty cool.

When we reviewed the iOS version we called it "a gorgeous, wonderfully well polished and surprisingly playable mobile action adventure that's well worth a look," and gave it a shiny Gold Award.

So if you want that on your Google powered phone, you don't have to long to wait. Eisenhorn: Xenos will be out on the Google Play Store on Monday November 14th. Good for the good God. Or something.