Ever wondered what your priorities would be moments before facing a nuclear holocaust? Do you rescue the kids or the cat? Is your iPhone more important, or your childhood teddy? Tomato soup or beef and vegetable?

Okay, that last one was a joke. It's tomato soup, obviously.

60 Seconds!, which launched on the App Store last week, poses all of these questions - probably. You play as a family facing a nuclear attack, and have 60 Seconds to gather as many essential items and family members as possible.

You have to choose wisely though, as you also have to deal with the aftermath. Did you grab that essential medicine? Is there enough food? Just where is the cat anyway? These are just some of the questions you'll ask yourself on your way to your inevitable death.

And that's how every game of 60 Seconds! Ends. It's dark, humorous, and a real head scratcher. At review, we described it as: "Equal parts funny and distressing, 60 Seconds! lets you tackle the end of the world your way".

But don't just take our word for it. We also gave our hardcore mobile fanatics in the App Army access. Read on for their thoughts.

Matt King

I really enjoyed careering around the house wildly before the bomb dropped. It felt suitably silly and loose.

The aftermath isn't anywhere near as interesting at first, but I need to give it more time to see if it improves. I hope there's more above ground action further on.

Laura Egri

It's an interesting game with funny accents, awesome graphics, and a unique approach to the genre.

All the choices you make alter the story positively or negatively, and there are multiple ways to solve a problem which adds replay value to the game.

It does get a bit repetitive, but if you have the patience to test all the possibilities it's really rewarding. Just skip through the text!

Kainen Ryan

I'm not sure I spent enough time with this game to really get to grips with it. It's a bit slow.

It's an interesting game and I'll carry on playing until I get to 60 days but the sedate pace makes it feel like hard work when you have to start all over again.

It could really do with a faster mode.

It has that one more go appeal which only increases the further you get in though. I suppose it's the story you're investing in. You really hope you're the first person to help them survive.

Tom Clark

It's pretty good, though a little tough to control. haven't got very far yet, but I think I may pass on this one.

Tony Teulan

So this 'nuke kid on the block' has you trying to survive a nuclear disaster. Must say that the section where you're gathering supplies and family members before the bombs fall would be fun if it didn't give me a headache and make me feel dizzy.

You can go into settings and turn down the touch sensitivity but a game hasn't made me feel this bad since I played the original Wolfenstein. That was a retro kick in the head and yet again, my head keeps spinning. This was on a Plus. On an iPad I find the effect magnified as you try to find and decide between what to take.

The second part when you're in the bunker feels like a Fallout choose your own adventure. There's strong humour and a nice visual style.

It would be nice to have control over the supply runs, assuming they weren't the same nausea-inducing design of the pre-bomb supply gathering.

This game is intriguing. I didn't quite enjoy the scavenging part because the controls are clunky and the camera made me feel dizzy, but I thoroughly enjoyed the shelter part.

I don't read often but I was inclined to absorb every word and detail in order to stay alive. I made some silly mistakes in the beginning so I really struggled to stay alive. But once I got the hang of it, making even the toughest decision looked like peanuts. Stealing from the elderly and kids? Nope, I'm just borrowing the supplies.

I was gunning for 100 days but one false move spelled my end. Would I go again? Definitely. The text does get repetitive at times in the shelter but the longer you survive, the more varied it gets.

You'll be given tough decisions so just forget your conscience and morals and you might just make it out alive. I said might.

Aaron Carey

Wow, this is awesome! The graphics are stunning and everything is polished to perfection. I didn't know a lot about the game going in and wasn't expecting it to be as deep as this. it works really well.

The controls were a bit fiddly to start with but I soon got used to them. The fallout style bunker section is fantastic, with some great writing, and it gets really nail-biting!

It's so much fun and I highly recommend it. It's very different and fresh.

Oksana Ryan

The first part of 60 Seconds! where you gather family members and supplies for your bunker is entertaining but a bit awkward because of the sensitivity of the controls.

You have 60 seconds to rush around and collect a stash for the fallout shelter before the bombs go off.

When you reach the fallout shelter, the characters don't move much. You spend most of your time reading your diary.

I thought this would get a bit dull. However, before I knew where the time had gone I was choosing whether or not to answer the door to a stranger, go out to scavenge, and carefully doling out the rations.

It's not a fast paced game but the diary changes slightly after you've perished, so it's not too repetitive when you try again, and definitely worth a go.

Be careful with your choices though - your family's lives depend on your good judgement.

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