At first glance The Tale of Doris and the Dragon sounds equally bizarre, unsettling, and bleak. It's a point and click adventure starring Doris, an elderly lady who's recently passed away and finds herself in purgatory.

Here, she meets a variety of oddball characters - some of which offer help and support, while others offer only hindrance. One of these creatures is a dragon (of course) who helps guide Doris through this pretty terrifying world.

If you've played a point and click adventure from the 90s, you'll be right at home here. It's inspired by the classics from that era but is completely designed for a mobile touchscreen.

At review, we gave it a Bronze Award and described it as "An interesting if intentionally clunky old school adventure with a lot of heart".

Sounds promising. If you'd like a second opinion, read on to learn what our hardened recruits in the App Army thought of it.


Well, I can honestly say I've never played a game as a granny with a zimmer frame who talks to yellow dragons. Weirder still, I can't put it down…

Olivier Boesch

I like the script, voice acting, and puzzles in this strange and crazy world, but I really struggled with the visuals. The text isn't very clear, and it's quite ugly.

I would like to finish it, but it hurts my eyes.

Laura Egri

This is a classic point and click adventure with puzzles to solve and a story revealed through the dialogue options. It's a great story that offers a mix of melancholic and funny moments.

The visuals are retro and pixelated, with purgatory displayed in sad grey tones and sparks of vivid colours.

The puzzles are quirky and tricky in some parts, and are enough to please those looking for a bit of challenge. Typically, they require attention to detail and careful exploration of the environment.

It's a pretty zen experience with an intriguing scenario and cheerful, silly accents that invites you to learn the story and solve the quest. Enjoyed every moment.

Kainen Ryan

What a funny little game this is - one of the best I've played in a while. It's got lovely voice acting.

You get multiple choice questions that are timed so you have to act fast. The controls occasionally mess up but it's forgivable as this game is just so good.

It's a little linear but the story and humour more than make up for it.

I've not completed it yet but I'm going to, and I look forward to the other chapters. It's not groundbreaking but it's fun and you will enjoy playing it.

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Edward Davis

The voice acting is great - it doesn't try to be too funny but adds gentle humour to the game.

The graphics remind me a bit of Undertale. The puzzles are good fun and require some thought to accomplish, but the controls are a bit fiddly. Sometimes you tap on a small item and can accidentally move the old lady instead. You do get used to it though.

Quincy Jones

It's a real love letter to classic point and click adventures.

Doris is very unique. She's quirky, strong willed, and doesn't let the fact she's dead bring her down. Her sidekick Norb is also always there with quick witted responses.

I really missed games like this that give you a fun experience. It feels like games today only focus on looking great instead of being great. I'm always appreciative when I find a diamond in the rough

It's a shame it doesn't sync though, as I'd love to continue where I left off on all my devices.

Oksana Ryan

Poor Doris finds herself in Limbo and she didn't even know she was dead. She meets a dragon called Norb, who explains this to her and what will happen next. He gives her a Transitional Support Device which she can use to call him for help.

Classic point and click helps Doris to navigate Limbo as she tries to find her husband Albert - who passed away some time before -and a way out. But lurking in the background are influences that Doris is not aware of.

Doris is a feisty old lady who won't be deterred from her mission however difficult it seems to be. The conversations between characters are amusing, the graphics are retro, and the sparse backdrop definitely has a feel of Limbo about it.

There are objects to collect and use, and puzzles to solve to progress forward. If you enjoy the point and click genre, you will love this.

Dcalbie Dcalbie

This game draws heavily both in style and substance from classic point and click games. If you're yearning for this type of game it has plenty to offer.

The puzzles are challenging but not too difficult, the voice acting is decent, and the graphics are pleasantly retro. It's not a bad entry into the genre overall.

Having said that, the mobile market has been blessed with a number of excellent ports that would probably serve as better overall games - Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island being two standouts.

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