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Social strategy juggernaut Clash of Clans has just received "one of the biggest updates ever", according to Supercell.

This much-anticipated update lets you take your a Town Hall to level 11, and grants access to the new hero Grand Warden - who makes nearby troops temporarily invincible - and the new Eagle Artillery defence - a massive long-range weapon that obliterates armies.

Another new feature is the ability to request and donate spells - so you can now give your team mates more than just troops.

A big balancing change means that you no longer get a shield for destroying a town hall. Plus, you can attack while shielded for a small shield reduction. Or you can get a guard, which lets you protect your stuff while freely attacker others.

There are loads and loads of other tweaks, changes, fixes, and balances. You can read them all over at the game's official forum. Or just grab the update on iOS (and, soon, Android) and start digging in to the new stuff.

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