Before we start, we recommend that you do not use this walkthrough. The game isn't that hard, and it's much more fun if you figure things out yourself.

So before you read on, have another go. Listen carefully. Read the instructions a few more times. Ask a friend. And only then should you scroll down and get the solution.

You'll kick yourself when you do.

This guide covers puzzles 1 through 50. For 51 through 100, click here.

1 - First touch

Tap the screen

2 - 100 puzzling moments for you and your iPad

Tap the screen

3 - Swipe to unlock

Drag one finger from the left of the screen to the right

4 - Touch and hold

Hold one finger on the screen until the screen turns white

5 - Upside down

You should ostensibly hold the iPad upside down from the current orientation, but it's a little finicky. Keep spinning it until the bar fill across.

6 - Two fingers

Hold two fingers on the screen

7 - Right to left

Drag one finger from the right of the screen to the left

8 - Ten (iPad)

Touch all 10 fingers to the screen

8 - Five (iPhone)

Tap the screen with five fingers at the same time.

9 - From A to B

Touch and hold your finger on the letter "a", then drag to the letter "b"

10 - Counterclockwise

Touch your finger to the screen, then draw circles going in the opposite direction to a clock's hands.

11 - Behind you

Hold the iPad up and spin around 180 degrees. The gyroscope will register the turn, and fill the bar.

12 - On a horse

Shake the iPad up and down, to simulate the look of a jockey on a horse

13 - Touch here

Tap and hold on the word "here"

14 - Eleven (iPad only)

Tap the screen with all ten fingers, and then one other item. You could use a stylus, your nose, a friend's finger, or… something else.

14 iPhone / 15 iPad - Learn to walk

Put two fingers on the screen and then tap the left, then the right, and repeat. Your fingers will look like little legs, walking across the iPad.

15 iPhone / 16 iPad - Look, birds

Hold the iPad up to the sky, as if you were taking a picture of the sky

16 iPhone / 17 iPad - On a boat

Tilt the iPad from side to side, like you're steering a car down a very windy road

17 iPhone / 18 iPad - Find the spot

Hold your finger down. As you move around the screen, the white progress bar will fill in more or less as you get closer or further away from the spot. Keep moving towards the area where it fills to find the spot.

18 iPhone / 19 iPad - Run

Same as "learn to walk", but much faster

19 iPhone / 20 iPad - X marks the spot

Hold your finger on the letter "x" for some time

20 iPhone / 21 iPad - To a from b

Sam as "from a to b" but in reverse, dragging your finger from the letter "b" to the letter "a".

21 iPhone / 22 iPad - 100

Tap the screen 100 times. Use multiple fingers to make it easier

22 iPhone / 23 iPad - Tilt

Tilt the iPad in different directions until the progress bar starts to move. When you find the right spot, leave it there.

23 iPhone / 24 iPad - Just vowels

Tap the letter "U", then "O", then "E".

24 iPhone / 25 iPad - Tick-tock

Just wait a few seconds and the progress bar will fill in

25 iPhone / 26 iPad - Look left

Using the gyroscope in your iPad, spin 45 degrees to the left.

26 iPhone / 27 iPad - Look right

Same as above, but now looking right

27 iPhone / 28 iPad - Look left again

Repeat "look left"

28 iPhone / 29 iPad - Walk across the street

Swipe a finger from the bottom of the screen to the top

29 iPhone / 30 iPad - Permission

Accept the permissions pop-ups

30 iPhone / 31 iPad - Wind it up

Hold the iPad up and spin around in circles

31 iPhone / 32 iPad - Too much wind it down

Do the same, but in the opposite direction

32 iPhone / 33 iPad - Hold still

Place the iPad down on a flat surface, stand back, and wait

33 iPhone / 34 iPad - A and B

Hold one finger on "a" and another on "b"

34 - When you see it (iPhone only)

Your camera flash will turn itself on at regular intervals. When it does, tap and hold the screen. Then let go, and repeat for each time the flash lights up.

35 - Rubber band

Pull the progress bar all the way to the left. Let go to see it spring to the right

36 - Bulls eye

Tap the very centre of the screen

37 - Throw the line

Grab hold of the line at the left and then swipe your finger fast to the right

38 - Hold circle to open menu

Do as the game says! Hold your finger on the button that says "38%" to open the menu. Tap back in the main area to return to the game and finish this stage

39 - Give me low five

Hit five fingers to the screen, below the text

40 - Pick up the phone

Hold the device up, and on its side like it's a telephone

41 - Lalalala

Sing some nonsense nosies in your microphone

42 - Be quiet and listen

Say nothing for a few seconds. Then follow the instructions that you hear

43 - Moses

Put two fingers on the middle of the screen, then swipe out in opposite directions (like you're parting the ocean).

44 - 1000

Hit the screen 1000 times. Again, use multiple fingers to speed up the process.

45 - Champagne

Shake the iPad back and forth until the progress bar fills up

46 - Bubbles

Do nothing

47 - Pour a glass

Tilt your iPad so it's in portrait position

48 - Slalom

Drag a finger in and out of the six letters on screen. (Put your finger between the "s" and "l", then drag down, drag up to the gap between "l" and "a", drag up, down to the gap between "a" and "l", etc)

49 - High five

Hold the iPad up high and then hit it with your hand to do a proper high five

50 - Face down

Turn the device over until the progress bar is complete

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