One of last year's best puzzlers, RGB Express, has just got an update that adds loads of new stuff to dive into.

First of all, there are 40 new levels, bring the grand total to 400 now.

As it's 'Back to the Future day' today, the newer "Future" levels feature the hoverboard as a delivery vehicle. Neat little tribute.

Anyway, if you can beat half of all the levels - i.e. 200 of them - then you'll unlock the new Expert Mode.

The challenge in this new mode is to, simply, draw the shortest route possible for each truck. No exceptions.

Finally, apart from a bunch of smaller improvements, RGB Express now has optimized controls that improve the drawing routes for trucks.

RGB Express is available for £1.49 / $1.99 on the App Store, or you can download it for free on Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

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