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Thomas Jansen, the creator of Wave Wave, has let us know that his zombie-infested combo-smasher Baseball Apocalypse will be out this Wednesday, October 21st.

As we've outlined before, the idea here is to march through a red-hot wasteland while avoiding being chomped on by the zombie skulls that parachute in.

Your weapon is a baseball bat with an infinite supply of baseballs to smack with it. You just have to tap to whack them at the skulls.

There are also giant slimes that appear, roaring in your face, that you can take out with well-placed bombs.

But this isn't only about survival. It's about getting a high score. And the best way to do that is combo your kills by being quick and accurate.

Baseball Apocalypse looks like it'll be a fun, snappy arcade game so consider checking it out for iOS later this week. It'll cost £1.49 / $1.99.