Astra is a game about bouncing around planets. It's a gravity-imbued auto-running platformer with a unique look and a mythological feel to proceedings.

And it has its moments. It's slick, it's fun, and it's surprisingly challenging. Your jumps are controlled with taps. Tap once and you leap in the air, tap twice to perform a double jump that often sends you out of the gravitational pull of the planet you're running around.

The leaping around is entertaining, and there are plenty of wolves, fire-spewing space ships, and other things to bounce into and destroy.

It might not be the most original game out there, and it can be a little frustrating when you mistime your jump slightly and end up losing one of your three lives.

There are better space-based platformers out there, but if you've played all of those then Astra is probably worth a look.

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