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Everspace, a stunning Unreal Engine 4-powered space shooter from the team behind Galaxy on Fire, will come to mobile devices if its recently-launched Kickstarter earns enough cash.

Michael Schade of Rockfish Games said, on Twitter, "we have mobile as a stretch goal. Just need to unlock."

Considering the stretch goals that have been announced, that means the project will need more than $800,000 before phone and tablet versions are confirmed.


Everspace will be an action-focused space shooter, but with a roguelike structure. Each run through the galaxy will be filled with procedurally generated enemies and events, and if you die you'll have to start from scratch.

You'll be able to tackle missions in any way you choose, you can hunt down traders to stock up on resources, you can plot your own course through space, and explore weird phenomenon like spaceship wrecks and wormholes.

?And if you're worried about additional payments, the team says "Nope! Pay once, play for EVER!! THERE WILL BE NO MICRO TRANSACTIONS!!!". Make of that what you will. Seems pretty noncommittal.

You can see all the details, plus stretch goals and backer rewards, over at Kickstarter. As of writing, the project is already more than half way towards its €225,000 goal.