If you were to take the famous training montage from Rocky and stretch it out to the size of a videogame you would get Punch Club.

This is the latest game to pick up a publishing deal with tinyBuild Games who has announced it'll be out this autumn on mobile.

Punch Club may look like a fighting game but it probably isn't quite what you're thinking. It is, in fact, a strategic fighting tycoon game and a love letter to the 1980s and 1990s.

What does that mean? Well, for starters, you don't directly control your fighter in the ring. Instead, all of your input comes outside of the ring, before and after each fight.

You have to help your fighter to get a job that'll pay their bills, get them a gym membership, and buy sports equipment.

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From there it's all training and dealing with whatever life throws at your fighter. You learn new skills as you improve their physique and fighting technique - they'll use these in the ring.

There's also a story to go alongside all the hard work that has you tracking the person who murdered your father. Oh, and you also punch crocodiles at one point.

We'll keep you updated with everything Punch Club as we hear about it.