Anagram-hunting game Letterpad works quite well on Apple Watch, but compare it to the iPhone edition and it's clear that compromises have to be made for it to fit on a smartwatch.

The aim of the game is to find words, in a jumble of nine letter tiles, that relate to the word on screen. If it says "Bear", you might need to try and spell CLAW and CUB and DEN.

It's surprisingly hard, but as word games go it's fun. Here's where the compromises come in.

Word up

On iPhone, you can find the words in any order, but on Apple Watch you have to find a word that fits the number of letters shown on screen. You use the same pool of free hints as the iPhone version, but can't buy more or watch ads to get freebies from the watch.

And you can't pick a game from the Watch. It just shows whatever level you were playing last on iPhone. To be fair, though, this lets the game load instantly into a puzzle and get you playing in a split second.

There are already plenty of word games on Apple Watch, but Letterpad is one of the better ones. Despite some compromises, it offers a compelling game, loads of content, and some really tricky headscratchers.