Plotagon, an animation app, has teamed up with Madfinger Games to let you lot create your own Dead Trigger 2 movies. There's a competition being held right now with big prizes to win too.

If you download and open up Plotagon you'll find a number of scenes and characters that mirror those seen in Dead Trigger 2.

Using these, you can then make a 3D animated zombie movie, continuing the narrative of the game however you wish.

To encourage you to do this, there's a Zombie Challenge being held right now that tasks you with creating movies about the every day situations of being a zombie. So it should probably be funny.

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There will be four weekly challenges with three winners picked for each one (12 in all).
These winners will get premium content and Dead Trigger 2 in-game premium content that, all together, is worth a total of $1,300.

You can view and vote on the movies being made for the Zombie Challenge here. You'll also find more details on the competition on that page.

Obviously, to participate in the competition, you'll need to download Plotagon. You can grab it for free on the App Store. Or you can download it for PC.

If you haven't already downloaded Dead Trigger 2 then you can grab that for free on the App Store, Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and the Windows Phone Store.

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