SwapQuest is an interesting mix of a puzzler and a retro RPG. There are monsters to slay and gems to collect, but you're constantly building the road you're travelling along.

There's a sort of endless runner bent to proceedings as well, with an ever-encroaching cloud of foulness creeping up at you from the bottom of the screen.

It's a clever mix of ideas, and it keeps changing things up regularly enough that you're unlikely to get bored.

Slide with me

The basic controls involve sliding tiles around. On these tiles there are chunks of path. You need to connect them in such a way that your little character can jog down them.

Come up to a monster and you'll automatically have a scrap, pummelling away at each other until one of you is dead or you decide to run away.

Tapping your character stops them from moving, and you can pick the direction they walk off in. There are chests to unlock, rocks to smash, trees to shake, and massive bosses to try and outfox as well.

You can spend the gems you collect on upgrading your equipment, giving you more of an edge when it's whomping time.

The direction of travel changes from level to level, and there are three separate challenges for you to complete to earn more gems as well.

Hero quest

There's a great variety of backdrops and areas to explore, each bringing its own style and set of monsters to proceedings. There's some real ingenuity on show here, and it keeps the experience exciting.

SwapQuest mixes puzzle and RPG mechanics in a way we've not really seen before, and for that alone it's well worth checking out.

And on top of those neat ideas, there's a really enjoyable game. It's retro and new in all of the very best ways.

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