Madfinger Games has announced first-person zombie shooter Unkilled for iOS and Android today.

The studio has picked up quite the following for its zombie shooters, particularly the Dead Trigger series, so it's no surprise that its next game is another one.

This time, you'll be popping undead heads around New York City during the zombie apocalypse.

It has a story line that is illustrated across the in-game map, which contains hundreds of missions, and plenty of time-limited tasks to perform.

Of course, there's also a weapon shop where you'll go to buy bigger and noisier guns. And pursuing weapon upgrades should prove a decent time-sinker.

You'll be able to share the results from all your bloodied carnage with other players to compare them. Competitive zombie shooting is a sport, I guess.

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Throw your eyes at the trailer above and you'll see that, as well as regular shuffling zombies, there are mutated tank-like versions to blast as well.

Check out Unkilled's website for more details as they arrive.

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