Uppercut Games has released highlight footage from the PAX Aus demo of its third-person platformer Submerged. And the game looks even better than it did before.

It shows the main character, a young girl, as she climbs up and around submerged ruins in an effort to find something that will help her dying brother.

How you scale the buildings in Submerged seems like it will be familiar to anyone who has played Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, or Tomb Raider recently.

But the slight difference here is that this girl doesn't quite have the vigor of, say, Nathan Drake or Lara Croft. You can see her struggle a bit as she finds the strength to pull herself up ledges.
It also doesn't have the shootouts of those games. Instead, it delivers a more touching tale of siblings that have escaped a troubled past that comes back to haunt them.

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It certainly makes for a change of tone and pace from those action-packed blockbusters, with Submerged being a little more subdued and less overstated than them.

With all that said, go and watch the footage above if you haven't already. It'll get you ready for Submerged's arrival on iOS and Android (and PC) soon.