Stoic Studio will be bringing its newly announced tactical RPG sequel The Banner Saga 2 to mobile.

"I can tell you that we ARE planning on bringing The Banner Saga 2 to mobile," Stoic's Arnie Jorgensen told me, "but I cannot talk about dates or any specifics regarding which devices until more is locked down. "

At the moment, The Banner Saga 2 has been confirmed for PC and consoles in early 2015. So, hopefully, it will come to mobile some time after that.

The first game arrived on iOS and Android 10 months after it was first released on PC. It got a Gold Award in our review, in which we called it a "dark, strange, tough, and beautiful tactical RPG."

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When asked how The Banner Saga has performed on mobile, Jorgensen said: "We've been happy with the mobile market (Re: Encouraged) and more importantly feel the game plays really well on it."

It was also announced over the weekend that The Banner Saga (that's the first game) will be coming to PS Vita next year.

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