It's about time I got to be an imp; those notoriously deviant creatures of fantasy. Rather than be annoyed by them, I can finally be one in Imps In Tokyo.

This debut story-driven action game from Polish studio We Are Vigilantes doesn't look half-bad.

Unfortunately, the video below and the developer's description of the game doesn't fully communicate what you do in the game.

Upon inspection, it seems that you play as one of a rascally group of imps and fly around the Tokyo skies. Your goal seems to be two-fold: dodging hazards and pursuing dreams.

As a "dreamcatcher", the idea is to save human dreams from Nixies, which are probably some kind of evil pixie.

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These Nixies are led by a big bad dragon called Mr. Cornelious, whom you'll presumably face at least once throughout the game.

Anyway, that's all I can really tell you about Imps In Tokyo at this point. Oh, other than that it should be coming to iOS this autumn.

You may find a few extra tidbits of information on the game's website, mind.