HeroCraft has announced that it's bringing pirate-themed free to play RPG Tempest to iOS "soon".

It'll have you diving into the life of a nasty pirate: stealing from merchant ships, battling warships, and attacking sea forts.

This is no strictly historical action, though. Oh yes, Tempest has giant tentacled sea creatures and menacing-looking whales that will attack ships.

HeroCraft tells us these creatures are part of the battle system, which is the main focus of the game. This is realised in the ship customisation.

You'll be able to change almost every part: "from the flag and canvas colors to the siding and the figurehead."

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There's also a wide range of weapons to unlock and use, including cannons, mortar, and flamethrowers.

The kraken and other "legends" are unlocked by collecting magical artifacts by completing multi-layered quests.

Cross-platform multiplayer across iOS, Android, and PC is also a feature of Tempest. You'll be able to play with and against people across those platforms.

Tempest will be released on iOS first, with the Android and PC versions currently in the pipeline. We'll let you know when it's available.

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