Space can be a lonely place. But that's no problem in The Swapper, which is out now on PS Vita in both North America and Europe. You can just clone yourself. And again. And again.

Making replicas of yourself isn't just for instant parties and out-magicing Christian Bale, of course. In this grim sci-fi game, you'll recreate yourself to solve puzzles so you can navigate a sprawling space station.

The 'swapper' bit of the name comes from the fact that you can throw your consciousness into another clone. This leads to barmy situations where you're swapping bodies in mid-air, and some truly ingenious puzzles.

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Matt gave the game a Bronze Award and called it "a mesmerising, creepy, unique, and frustrating puzzle platformer."

But warned that "success in relies on dexterity almost as much as it does on intuition," meaning you might know how to solve a puzzle, but actually pulling off the necessary cloning acrobatics is a whole other ball game.

If you're up for it, The Swapper is out now on PS Vita in Europe and the US, where it costs £11.59 / $19.99. You'll also get the PS3 and PS4 versions as part of the price.

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