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Star Admiral is an interesting mash-up of a 3D tactical battler and a deck-building CCG. It sees you pitting giant spaceships against one another in simple but surprisingly deep turn-based battles.

Like a CCG you have a set amount of energy to expend on sending ships into play each turn. Most of them can't attack in the turn they appear, and each has some stats that show how much damage it can deal out and take.

Everytime you attack an enemy vessel it retaliates in turn, so you'll need to do some quick sums to work out which ships should attack when.

You unlock new frigates, destroyers, and drones as you defeat your foes. These are added to your deck for your next skirmish. Exhausting ships at the start of your turn gives you extra energy, and you'll need to boost your reserves to unleash some of your heavy weaponry.

Star Admiral is certainly an interesting blend of ideas, and they gel together pretty well. Plus it's free to download from the App Store right now, so if you fancy some deep space CCG violence it's definitely worth a shot.