Sonic Jump Fever manages to lose all the spark of the original. It's flabby and stilted, missing the simple beat of play that made Sonic Jump so exciting.

The free-to-play mechanics under the hood mean you're always playing a game of catch up, trying to complete challenges rather the just enjoying the simple bouncy gameplay.

There's still the occasional spark of interest, and since the game doesn't cost anything to download if you haven't tried the first Sonic Jump it's worth a punt. Just don't expect the entertainment to last very long.

Jump up, jump up, fall down

Like before the game is a simple Doodle Jump clone. You're tilting your device left to right to bounce between platforms as you make your way up the level.

Tapping on the screen makes your character do a second jump. You can use this to smash bad guys from below. Which feels a little weird after 20 or so years of Sonic games letting you destroy enemies with a spinning jump from above.

The fever of the title refers to an occasional mode that sees you bursting upwards. The screen goes all rainbow hued, rings fill the air, and for a moment you're flying.

It doesn't last long, and it's not that interesting when it does. The other addition is a flicky mini game at the end of the level that sees you tossing critters into a hot air balloon.

I'm burning up

Then there are all the flashing gewgaws and trinkets that let you power up each run. You can unlock Chao with different powers as well, but they return to the forest after a set amount of time.

It all adds up to a muddled experience. The bouncing is fun, but everything else feels like an unnecessary addition.

If you don't want to pay for Sonic Jump, give this a try. If you'd rather spend some cash on something that's consistently entertaining, give it a miss.