F2P 'adaptation' Sonic Jump Fever races onto iOS and Android on July 10th

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F2P 'adaptation' Sonic Jump Fever races onto iOS and Android on July 10th

Sonic Jump Fever is Sega's free-to-play "adaptation" of Sonic Jump and it's coming to iOS and Android on July 10th.

Fever is a vertical platformer just as Sonic Jump is. It even looks like the same game bar a couple of interface changes.

The main difference (other than it being free-to-play) is that the focus is on "score-attack and direct competition with friends and other players' scores."

So you'll be tilting your phone to guide Sonic (and his pals) in this vertical platformer, tapping to double jump when needed.

To get the biggest score in the limited time you have, you'll need to deploy boosters, upgrades, and make use of each character's unique ability.

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Each week, the playable levels change to a new zone and the scores are reset. The idea being to encourage you to constantly want to beat your friends' scores.

We can't be sure whether this will be an improvement over Sonic Jump yet. Here's to hoping. At least it emphasizes speed, which is what made Sonic compelling in the first place.

Luckily, we'll all be able to find out how good or bad Sonic Jump Fever is this Thursday by downloading it for free on iOS and Android.