We've known since Bungie unveiled its latest sci-fi epic Destiny that it would have a companion app. But now there's footage of the app working.

IGN was able to go hands-on with Destiny's companion app and even create a video of its findings (you can watch it above).

As we already knew, the video shows off the ability to manage your character, inventory and loot in the app.

A 3D model of your character is displayed for easy viewing. Changes you make to it in the app are instantly replicated in Destiny.

You're also able to track bounties, statistics, and missions through the app with ease.

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Vendors that appear in Destiny's hub also appear in the app. You're able to to see what they're selling directly from your tablet or smartphone.

There's also a Grimoire that keeps track of every location, piece of equipment, creature - basically all the lore - that you come across in Destiny.

Destiny's companion app will be available for free on iPhones when the beta launches on consoles.

When Bungie fully launches the game you'll be able to download it for iOS, Android, and the web.

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