Like a rabbit out of a hat, free-to-play card game Magic 2015: Duels of the Planewalkers just popped up on iOS, much to our surprise.

This tablet version of the world's biggest collectible card game is a faithful adaptation. That means you can translate any knowledge and tactics learned in the physical version over to Magic 2015.

If you're not familiar with the game then there's a detailed tutorial for you to play through. Luckily, you also don't need to bother with the rule book, either - the game works it all out for you.

What Magic 2015 has that the physical version doesn't is a single-player mode with 25 levels across five different planes. Getting through that should test even the best Magic: The Gathering players.

We have many more details on Magic 2015's single-player mode and the rest of the game in our hands-on preview.

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Of course, the bread and butter of Magic is its multiplayer modes. Magic 2015 lets you square up against your Game Center friends, as well as strangers online.

Wizards of the Coast's unstoppable collectible card game impressed us last year on tablets. So, yep, Magic 2014 earned itself a Gold Award from us.

Hopefully, Magic 2015 will be just as praiseworthy. You can find out for yourself by download it from the App Store right now.

The Android version isn't available yet, but it should be very soon - we'll let you know when it is.