Every month I sit down with a cup of tea - or iced tea if it's too warm outside for the proper kind - and collect together a list of the best and most interesting games scheduled to be released in the coming month for your handheld of choice.

This month, which is July if you're keeping score, Vita owners will have plenty to choose from, with loads of indie gems making their way to the device, and a trilogy of classics being re-released.

However, if you just own the 3DS, then it might be a good time to work through the massive back catalogue for the system. It's going to be a dry month for you, and the games that are coming out are a tad niche.

Let's take a look at what's on the horizon...

PlayStation Vita

Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy
By Sony Computer Entertainment - out on July 2nd in Europe

Back in the day, you were either a fan of Ratchet & Clank, or you pledged your loyalty to Jak & Daxter. I was always in the latter camp, so I'll be using this re-release as an opportunity to see exactly what my mates were telling me I was missing out on.

The series has always been known for its fun weaponry, likeable characters, and good-natured humour, so it'll be interesting to see how all that holds up as it makes the leap to Vita.

Jet Car Stunts
By Grip Games - out in July

Jet Car Stunts is like TrackMania, if all the cars in TrackMania were given wings and a turbo boost. Corkscrews, loop-the-loops, gargantuan jumps, massive air, hairpin corners, and all of the miles per hour can be found in this time trial racer that sits somewhere between arcade action and precise simulation.

It's already been available for some time on mobiles and tablets, but this version has the proper controls you probably want for this type of game.

Child of Light: Complete Edition
By Ubisoft - out on 2nd July in Europe, 1st July in US

Here's a pretty little number: Child of Light is built in the same engine as Rayman Legends, but instead of presenting a bright and breezy platformer, this is an RPG that could easily be a watercolour illustration-adorned bedtime story.

The home versions received rave reviews, so we've got our fingers crossed for this one being just as good on the Vita.

By Crunching Koalas - out on 8th July

In MouseCraft you have to lead mice to cheese, avoiding traps and other hazards, across a 2D landscape. So you might initially think that the game is inspired by Lemmings.

You'd be right, but that's only half the story, because the objects you use to get them from A to brie safely are clusters of blocks, shaped suspiciously like tetrominoes.

This has "sleeper hit" written all over it. We'll find out soon enough if that is indeed the case.

Futuridium EP Deluxe
By MixedBag - out in July

We've been keeping tabs on Futuridium EP Deluxe ever since it was announced for Sony's handheld, and our interest was further piqued by this interview where we were promised that the divisive controls had been tweaked to be more accommodating.

It's certainly a looker, and we're also told that those raw neon polygons will be pushed about the screen at a gloriously smooth 60 frames per second.

Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Art Academy
By Nintendo - out on July 4th in Europe

If you're a budding comic or cartoon artist, or you have an interest in how the pocket monsters from the Pokemon series are drawn, then you're in luck, because Pokemon Art Academy is out in July.

You'll draw loads of different types of Pokemon, be taught the basics of drawing these cutesy creatures, and even learn some high-level tips about design philosophy. I liked it when I reviewed it, and I still fire it up now and then for a bit more practise.

Squids Odyssey
By The Game Bakers - out on July 3rd in Europe

You might not have heard of Squids Odyssey, but it's likely to go down in the history books, because this is the first Nintendo release on 3DS to support cross-buy. If you purchase it on Nintendo's portable, you'll also get the Wii U version for free. That's pretty cool.

The game itself is a sort of tactical RPG with physics puzzle elements, in which you fling underwater creatures at enemies. That's pretty cool too.

One Piece Unlimited World Red
By Bandai Namco - out on July 8th in the US

I was a teensy bit dismissive of One Piece Unlimited World Red in last month's round-up highlighting the European release, and this month is no different for the US version.

If you're a fan of the manga and anime series it's based on, and you fancy yourself an entertaining but by-the-numbers action game with RPG elements, then knock yourself out.